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Bare It All…Run Naked

Can’t guarantee I won’t offend. How about this? We all struggle sometimes. 

Ran into an old math teacher today. In fact, he was pretty cool. He was the first teacher to ever fail me from a class. Also, he created the Math Walrus. It is an equation to a line that makes the shape of a walrus. The shirt he sold was fucking awesome, even if I didn’t get Calculus. I will wear it proudly again.

But hey, you should try. 

I also purchased Atreyu’s first CD a few days ago. I miss my days of innocence, just waiting for the next band to come to town. I would beg to get bands here but I already sold my soul to I just realize I am craving the local music scene again. When I had friends in bands, it was a weekly event. Then I felt old when younger brothers and sisters started joining the ranks. Sadly, I still go to shows and find myself saying, “In my day…” 

I also find I prowl the Internet when I have good tunes.

Apr 8

Try Not To Get Too Carried Away

It’s a gloomy and snowy day out today. I am really enjoying it. These kinds of days make you stay inside and do other things. No need to get cold when you can stay in and keep warm. To all of you suffering in the snow, enjoy!

Feb 8

All You Can Think

This is just another one of those posts. I am slowly but surely running out of things to talk about. Another day winds down and I slowly come to life. It is enjoyable to inquire into the Internet sometimes. 

I read an article today about how the security firm working with the FBI was hacked. Sadly enough it is a round robin issue. Usually I don’t voice my opinion, frankly because I don’t care, about issues like this. The bad news is no one person is truly safe on the Internet. I mean think about it, if a person sets his mind to it, it will get accomplished. Many people overlook this fact. Because we live in America we are targets for foreign attacks. We are also subject to attacks within. You can clamp down the Internet, and me being an IT person will say, “Oh well.” Some people use this as a forum to voice opinions. Hey let them have their way. But these anonymous people need to understand that freedom does come with a price. If you want free Internet move to a third world country. Sadly in the U.S. you need to abide by the law. Its what people don’t get.

Maybe I’m rambling on and make no sense, but who cares. You read this so it must have been interesting.

Jan 5

Book Talk

A book. I’m still pondering. I want to share thoughts but I am selfish with what I have. So I want a book. You, lonely reader, are the first to know. All I have written I want to put into a book. I want to share it with teens and college people. I believe I have written things to share with others. I have branched out and shared them with others at times. It has seemed to help. But I want to reach more. Of all the pain, angst, and good times of high school. To the lapse of creativity of the older mind. A sound ant at peace mind is what I have now. Yes, I may be a nerd for computers. But I write the words connecting my conscience to my emotion, flailing around in my religion in a giant dysfunctional mind. You may think concrete, but I can tell you better with a letter. It is time. It is time to share what I have done and to continue with a passion I have always had for this. I just needed to get that out of my thoughts. With a clear head it is time to compile. It’s time to help. Talking about my band-aid.

When We Are Wild
The Red River


The Red River

If Ben Gibbard, Sufjan Stevens and M Ward had a baby, it’d probably look gross. But it’d sound like this.

When We Are Wild
Bernard’s Lily
Dirty Dave

The Red River

Sideshow In A Circus

So I have been watching some Youtube videos of a small guy lip syncing to famous pop songs. Sadly enough he is an enjoyable little guy to watch. I go to thinking about how its kind of a sideshow. I’m pretty sure part of his fame is because he looks a little off than normal. Many people judge by celebrity standards as the norm for how to look. This little guy is rocking some magnified glasses, crazy haircuts and of course some teenage acne. But hey as long as he is keeping me entertained I enjoy it. 

Watching him though makes me think of how this may be like a circus sideshow attraction. If it was a person by normal standards doing this, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t get a million views. But where am I to draw the line. He is doing what he does and I hope someday to see him on a morning show. And to him, keep doing what you are doing.

And We Just Don’t Know

I have been feeling good about things lately. Christmas is right around the corner. I’m looking for a new place to live. I mean really, minus the snow things are really going good right now. I have also managed to spend my time researching new ways to work. See I work as desktop support. For some crazy reason I love to learn technology. So far, all of the tasks I have been put up against have gone down with some ease and difficulty. But really in an ever changing technological world, you really can’t slow down.

Got Rid Of LiveJournal

I set it up about 7 years ago. After going through some old emails i managed to delete the account. It was nostalgic to go back and see what I was doing back then. Like now its kind of funny how I manage to blog more at work than on my free time.

Just listen to the diversity that Ludo can bring. From Whipped Cream to Skeletons On Parade, Ludo delivers a strong cd performance.

I’m A Banana

Watch Californication with David Duchovny.

You may begin this series with, “Why the fuck would I watch this?” Aside from the sea of endless women he seems to get involved in, the core element is amazing. Sadly its a shallow show with a better meaning than most. It recently got me thinking about how amazing things are when you can understand English.

Just watching this show has made me miss how much I actually love writing. Its sad when I used to write better than I do now back in high school. A show with sex and Fox Mulder not being Mulder, could inspire me to start again.

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Just remember I wrote these back in high school. So don’t be a dick.